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Disney Education

by | Sep 15, 2019

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WHAT TIME IS IT?  Time for everyone to head Back To School. As summer winds down and school routines begin, those fun Disney experiences do not have to end. Have you ever thought about what it might be like to go to school at Disneyland? As mothers who love Disneyland, we created our own educational experiences, from science to theater, to money handling skills and even participated in some Disneyland homeschool days. We made learning in a different environment a fun experience which helped our kids enjoy the process of learning even more. Today, Disneyland offers excellent educational programs for students of all ages from Elementary School to College. Now is the time of year to start making your reservations for available classes and apply for Disney College programs. 

“Spark creativity and unlock the potential within your students! Disney Youth Programs are valuable learning experiences that harness the power of Disney storytelling and the magic of Disney parks. “- Disney Youth Programs

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To schedule your program, be sure to check out the calendar for the best pricing available: Disney Youth Programs Value Day Calendar 2019

  • Creating a Leadership Legacy

    Students learn how to develop their own leadership legacy to become confident in their ability to accomplish goals and be motivated to achieve the impossible.

  • Designing a Disney Story

    Get an inside look at how Disney animators create full-length animated features. Learn the history of the artform, develop storytelling skills and practice techniques used to bring some of the most beloved characters of all time to life.

  • Disney Culinary Arts 

    Journey backstage and into the kitchens on an exploration of the senses to discover the secrets of Disney’s savory storytelling and the ingredients needed to fulfill culinary career aspirations.

  • Explore Walt Disney’s leadership style and his secret to making dreams come true through the 4 C’s of leadership: courage, curiosity, constancy, and confidence.

  • See Disney California Adventure Park through the eyes of a physicist! Experience park attractions as you explore how magnetism, light, and sound are applied to achieve dazzling outcomes.

  • Delve into the rich history of California’s people, places and events at Disney California Adventure Park—from the gold rush to the redwood forests and beyond.

  • Properties of Motion Physics Lab

    Head to Disney California Adventure Park to experience physics principles like kinetic energy and speed at work. Learn the role science plays in engineering our most thrilling attractions.

  • The Science of Roller Coasters Assembly

    Accept a thrilling design challenge—fit for a future Imagineer—and discover the physics and magical storytelling required to create a Disney roller coaster.

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Disney College Program

As a Disney College Program participant, you’ll become part of the magic that is known worldwide. Gain valuable, on-the-job experience working in our parks and resorts, participate in college coursework, and have the opportunity to meet and live with people from all over the country and potentially the world in company-sponsored housing. This truly unique five- to seven-month program allows participants to network with leaders, take part in personal and career development classes, and build transferable skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, guest service, and effective communication.

Job Summary:

The Disney College Program is a 4-7 month internship program located at the Walt Disney World® Resort near Orlando, FL and the Disneyland® Resort in Anaheim, CA. This program has three key components – Living, Learning, and Earning:


  • LIVING: Participants live in company-sponsored housing with people from all over the country, as well as the world. For more information about the Program and Housing Fees please Click Here.
  • LEARNING: Participants take part in college-level coursework and may have the opportunity to earn college credit.
  • EARNING: Participants work in front-line roles in our Theme Parks and Resorts, gaining real world experience and exposure to the operations of a Fortune 500 company.

They are currently accepting applications for the following program dates:

  • Anaheim, CA

    • Housing: January – August
      • 1/12/2020 – 8/1/2020
    • Local/Commuters: January – August
      • 1/6/2020 – 8/8/2020
  • Orlando, FL​

    • Spring: January – May
      • 1/13/2020 – 5/14/2020
      • 1/13/2020 – 5/21/2020
      • 1/13/2020 – 5/28/2020
      • 1/21/2020 – 5/14/2020
      • 1/21/2020 – 5/21/2020
      • 1/21/2020 – 5/28/2020
      • 1/27/2020 – 5/14/2020
      • 1/27/2020 – 5/21/2020
      • 1/27/2020 – 5/28/2020
    • Spring Advantage: January/February – July/August
      • 1/21/2020 – 7/30/2020
      • 1/27/2020 – 7/30/2020
      • 2/3/2020 – 8/6/2020
    • Late Spring: March/April – July
      • 3/9/2020 – 7/30/2020
      • 3/30/2020 – 7/30/2020
      • 4/20/2020 – 7/30/2020
    • Late Spring Advantage: March – October (Lifeguard role Only)
      • 3/9/2020 – 10/29/2020
Dates are subject to change. Date availability will differ per role based on time of acceptance.

Disney International Programs

As part of Disney International Programs, you’ll experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from one of the world’s most innovative entertainment companies. Living and working at Walt Disney World® Resort allows you to connect with people from across the globe, create lifelong memories and be immersed in an English-speaking environment. You’ll also gain valuable leadership, presentation and customer service skills –all things that Disney is known for worldwide.

Disney Culinary

As part of our Culinary Program, you will work alongside top industry chefs, create lasting memories and culinary experiences for our guests and master your craft with one of the most recognized hospitality destinations.

Walt Disney Imagineering Imaginations-Dream-Design-Diversity

Project Challenge Create an iconic installation on your campus or city that serves as an inspiration, honors the past and is a vision of the future. It can be architectural, ornamental, static, active, whatever your team feels is the best way to represent your unique chosen location. It can be intimate or grandiose, but it should always be appropriate for the location selected. In telling the very unique story of your chosen spot, it should respect and integrate local traditions and geography. Your icon should be a place to gather and celebrate, as well as reflect and educate the community. A concept that will go down in history as symbolic of your campus or city.

Competition Deadlines

Application Period: August 20 – Oct. 11, 2019
Project Submission Deadline: November 7, 2019 at 11:30 PM PST

Disney Professional Internships

Imagine working side-by-side with industry leaders in your field of study. Imagine building upon the skills you’ve learned in the classroom within a family of legendary brands passionate about creating world-class experiences on a global scale. Now, imagine yourself in a paid Disney Professional Internship.

To find internship opportunities in your country, view all Global (Non-US) Internships.

Disney Aspire Program

Your dream. Your future. Your choice.

Disney pays 100% tuition upfront at network schools for programs that include high school completion, English and Spanish language learning courses, vocational programs, undergraduate degrees, Master’s degrees, and more.

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  • Look for more details in the Cast Portal about the Disney Aspire Program.

Chervet is participating in the Disney Aspire Program and truly loves it, she is so excited about the opportunity and what the future has in store for her.

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To schedule your Disney Youth Program, be sure to check out the calendar for the best pricing available: Disney Youth Programs Value Day Calendar 2019

Cristina had the opportunity to do both the Walt Disney World College Program and the Disneyland College.  She truly enjoyed all the opportunities the college program has for it’s Cast Members.  What you put into the program is what you are going to get out of the program, there are some really ingredible opportunities available.



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