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Trick-or-Treat Gluten Free Friendly List

by | Oct 12, 2019

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Trick-or-treating is something our families look forward to every year. There’s nothing like spending the evening outside together and watching the kids’ excitement over the sweets they have collected. For our families, we have some food allergies and celiac disease, so we have to be careful.  That means every year we make a Safe List for ourselves and also label the candy and snacks we give out for other families that might be needing the same care. Here’s our 2019 Gluten-Free trick-or-treat list.

Gluten Free

Our rules when it comes to Celiac and Gluten Allergy safety is that the treats must not have any cross-contamination and be guaranteed gluten-free by the manufacturer. We have learned the hard way over the years that reading the ingredient list alone does not inform you about possible additives, cross-contamination, or other ingredients that might not make it safe.

The best way to tell what is safe is to look at the packaging. Nowadays, allergy labeling is standard. If a package is not labeled gluten-free assume it is not safe. When it comes to holiday and miniatures what might have been gluten-free as a standard size candy may not be. Many of these holiday candies are all manufactured on the same equipment as the glutenous candy making the allergy labeling crucial this time of year. When in doubt, it is always a good idea to reach out to the manufacturer for confirmation.

Here are some examples of labels to look out for:

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Chocolate Candy

Here’s a list of ghoulishly delightful chocolate candies packaged perfectly for Halloween Trick-or-Treating. For more offerings near you, check out your local stores but remember the package labeling must state gluten-free for it to be safe to eat.

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Fruit & Sour Candy

Here’s a list of fruity and sour candies packaged spooktacularly for Halloween Trick-or-Treating. For more offerings near you, check out your local stores but remember the package labeling must state gluten-free for it to be safe to eat.

Snacks & Lunchbox Treats

This list of gluten-free snacks are items that are often used for school lunches. During this time of year, many companies repackaged for Trick-or-Treating.  Next time you are at the store buying for school lunches grab extras to hand out on Halloween night. Leftovers can be used for future lunches. There may be more offerings near you but remember to check the packaging before claiming your offerings are gluten-free.

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Toys for Ages 3 & up

Toys are also a great item to give out to avoid food allergies altogether. In the past, we have given out Halloween stickers, self-inking stamps, mini yoyos, bubbles, bracelets, bouncy balls, mini play dough, inflated jack-o-lantern balloons, and other Halloween party favor styled toys. For some great ideas, check out this Halloween party favor assortment of toys.

Links to Major Candy Manufacturer Allergen Information:

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To help kids and parents quickly decipher our houses as a safe trick-or-treating option we put out signs that say ‘Gluten & Nut Free Treats ’.

We then use two bowls to separate candy with nuts (and possible nut contamination) from a bowl with treats that are labeled as nut-free.

Dum·dums lollipops, Smarties, and all Tootsie products are free from both allergens.

Every year we get many thanks of appreciation for making trick-or-treating a stressfree experience.

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